Fitness boxing for personal trainers & fitness professionals

 There’s a reason why most personal trainers & boot camp instructors run boxing fitness workouts - it gets results! When you look at the perfect athlete, chances are you thinking of a world class boxer. Boxers are the epitome of fitness. Visualise a boxer: rippling muscles with a low bodyfat percentage. I think every personal training client would be delighted to have a boxer’s physique.

 According to an article published in NBC news (Ayuda, 2018), boxing has come in at number 1 in the top 8 fitness trends for a fitter 2018

 Weight loss

Your clients can get great results from a boxing for fitness workout because you are building lean muscle & increasing the metabolism, thus lowering bodyfat. As we know, lean muscle burns more calories.

 Improves kinaesthetic intelligence 

Boxing pad training engages the mind and body to work in unison. Your mind and body are interlinked.

 Your body responds to your thoughts of the conscious and subconscious mind by using new boxing pad combinations your client is alert, contemplating and concentrating on the punching combination. When you’re walking, cycling, jogging or lifting weights normally, your conscious mind slips into an inattentive mindless rhythm normally training at once pace.

 Punching boxing pads improves your hand and eye coordination, reflexes and fast twitch muscle fibres. Hand and-eye coordination can be improved by using boxing pad reflex drills with your client and can help develop physical dexterity. Engaging the mind & body while exercising has shown to increase the memory.

 A great aerobic & anaerobic workout

Whenever a large amount of muscle groups is engaged in quick bursts of energy expenditure, eg HIIT or interval training the heart and lungs are called upon to perform at a very high rate this could be achieve be incorporating boxer’s footwork drills with boxing pad drills.

 With a sport such as walking or running, one has to push themselves to perform at an intense rate. But with boxing, the mere activity itself will soon have the heart and lungs pushed to the max.

 You can use boxing as an EPOC workout.

EPOC is the acronym for excess post-exercise oxygen consumption. What it means is that you burn more calories when your workout is finished for hours after a workout, as well as improving a drastic increase in a person’s VO2 max (maximum aerobic capacity).

 Garry Wasson is the director of Excel Self-defence & Blue Cattle dog boxing he is the developer of Elite Fitness Boxing Trainer which is a FITREC nationally approved online & face to face fitness boxing course for fitness professionals.


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