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No matter how many boxing fights you have won or the level of your opponent, without a positive mental attitude you will never perform to your best ability.



This mp3 audio book is specially designed for boxers & trainers it covers:

How to control your pre-fight nerves.


Overcome negative thoughts.

Controlling your breathing.

Positive Affirmations.

Positive thinking.

Develop optimal arousal level 


Positive mindset for boxers may reduce your fear and improve your confidence. Only 11 minutes long easy to understand audio book. These techniques have been used on state, Australian & Oceania amateur boxing champions. 


 " If you have been training for your next fight, your thoughts" (how you think about the fight) will bring on (how you feel about the fight) which will aid or hidden the outcome of the fight. Emotions are triggered by thoughts. 

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positive mindset for boxers