•  Statement of Attainment (from the Registered Training Organisation)
  •  Certified Instructor Status (from Excel self-defence - industry endorsed)
  •  Elite Fitness Boxing Trainer ( from Excel Self Defence PTY, LTD )


Course Overview:

The Self Defence Instructor program - Level 1 consists of nationally accredited units and in-house training material from Australia Martial Arts Coaching System (AMACS) partner Excel Self Defence.


This is a unique program that provides participants with an industry and nationally recognised qualification. The program will focus on the training needs of instructors for  unarmed self-defence, and the specific competencies required to be able to effectively teach students such as;

  • Coaching principles and practices.
  • unarmed self-defence techniques.
  • Learn the physiological & biomechanical principles for self-defence.
  • Learn fight psychology.
  • How to control stress in a confrontation.
  • Equipment and student safe teaching practice.
  • Develop, deliver and assess teaching program(s) in unarmed self defence.


The online lessons will cover:

  • How to structure and conduct a  self-defence class.
  • Your legal and ethical responsibilities as a coach.
  • Developing Fundamental Motor Skills in participants.
  • Communicating effectively and dealing with conflict.

  • Planning, conducting and reviewing self-defence programs.
  • Reviewing performance and identifying areas for improvement.

The program consists of Nationally Recognised Units from the SIS10 Sport, Fitness, and Recreation Training Package:

  • SISSSCO101 Develop and update knowledge of coaching practices.
  • SISSSCO202 Coach beginner or novice participants to develop fundamental motor skills.

  • SISSSDE201 Communicate effectively with others in a sports environment.

  • SISCSDF301A Instruct basic skills of unarmed self-defence.

    SISCSDF302A Instruct the intermediate skills of unarmed self-defence.


The Excel Self Defence Instructor program provides credit towards SIS20513 Certificate II in Sports Coaching, SIS30713 Certificate III in Sports Coaching and SIS30513 Certificate III in Sport and Recreation.


Our self-defence level 1 Instructor Program covers instructing others in basic  & intermediate unarmed self-defence skills. It is aimed at those working as self-defence instructors in a community recreation environment or as martial arts instructors. 


Other areas covered in this course include undertaking a risk- analysis process in relation to activities, applying general work health and safety requirements and implementing basic warm up and cool down programs to assist participants to prepare for activity and also aid in post-activity recovery.


Course content:

  • This is an online & face to face course.
  • Identifying and managing risk & personal safety.
  • Instructing basic  & intermediate unarmed self-defence.
  • General coaching practices & principles.
  • Situational awareness.
  • Reading body language
  • Self-defence & the law. 
  • The use of reasonable force.
  • Risk vs reward.
  • Conflilct & resolution skills & negotiation skills.
  • Psychological Self-defence.
  • Gross motor skills & correct biomechanical principles for self-defence.
  • How to defend against the most common attacks standing & on the ground.


  Our Elite Program blends our Leadership Training with Government Recognised Units of Competency. Participants not only receive the highest level of physical training they also get access to specially selected units from the Sport & Recreation Package.


The Assessment of Participants:

This process is a combination of the Schools Chief Instructor watching a student deliver the core physical components of the curriculum and complete the online theoretical content. As part of this participants will plan and conduct multiple unarmed self-defence sessions of sufficient duration to demonstrate techniques that build group cohesion and balance individual and group needs and consistency of performance.


A range of assessment methods will be used to assess both practical skills and theoretical subject knowledge

  • Observation of practical skills.
  • Short answer questioning.
  •  ePortfolio containing evidence of self-defence program planning, delivery, and modification as required. Learning Outcomes


 At the completion of this course participants will be able to:

  • Identify participant needs and expectations
  • Instruct a basic & intermediate self-defence program.
  • Teach a self-defence class.
  • Evaluate and review the performance of self, and the program, and identify potential improvements.
  •  Identify risks, conduct a risk analysis and risk assessment of all activities.
  • Treat and manage risk appropriately in line with organisational and national standards.
  • Intergrade this course into your own martial arts syllabus that you are teaching.


To enroll in this instructors course you must have a brown belt or above in martial arts or four years experience in a combat sport eg kickboxing, boxing, MMA. 

  • You must have no criminal record.
  • Be physical fit.
  • Be over the age of 18. 
  • COST $3000.