About Garry Wasson


Meet Garry Wasson, an accomplished boxing coach and martial arts instructor with a wealth of experience spanning over three decades.

 Garry is dedicated to guiding and empowering individuals, instilling the confidence and life skills necessary for them to achieve their goals. With an impressive track record, Garry has trained numerous State & Australian amateur boxing champions and holds three black belts in different martial arts disciplines.

His extensive expertise includes certifications in the fitness industry and a diploma in sport psychology, enabling him to effectively motivate and inspire top Australian boxing champions. Beyond his role as a sports motivator, Garry is a self-published author of the book "Positive Mental Attitude" and has served as the National Fitness Coordinator for Boxing Australia.

His insights have been featured in over 50 publications, including the Daily Telegraph, Inside Small Business Australia, MA Business News, Blitz Magazine, and "Fight Times" in New Zealand, covering diverse topics such as business, personal training, fitness, motivation, boxing, and self-defense.

 Garry's boxing coaching prowess has not gone unnoticed in the entertainment industry, where he served as an Extras Boxing Audition Advisor for the movie "Wolverine X-Men Origins" and secured a role as a boxing extra himself. Additionally, Garry is the head instructor at Blue Cattle Dog Boxing, where he has had the privilege of developing boxers, further solidifying his reputation as a highly sought-after boxing and self-defense trainer and sports motivator.

Hès boxers subsequently achieved the following prestigious titles: 

  • Oceania champion.
  •  Australian champions.
  •  State champions.
  •  Afaura state champion
  •  PCYC state champion.
  •  City of Sydney champion.
  •  State novice champion. 
  •  Southern zone champion.
  •  Best & fairest boxer in NSW.
  •  Best NSW senior prospect boxer of the year.
  •  Most scientific boxer.

  Garry's experience in Boxing & Martial Arts.

  •  Developed state & national amateur boxing champions.
  •  Was National Fitness Coordinator for Boxing Australia.
  •  Trainer & assessor for “FitBox” by Boxing Australia.
  •   Trainer & assessor for “Train like a Boxer” for Boxing Australia.
  •   National presenter trainer & assessor for Elite Fitness boxing trainer.
  •  National presenter for Fitness Boxing Skills Level 1. 
  •  Registered Coach Level 2 for Boxing Australia (NSW).
  •  Professional Kickboxing Instructor & professional Boxing trainer for Boxing Authority of NSW.
  •  Fully accredited Modbox coach with Boxing Australia.
  •  Level 1 Martial Arts Instructor for National Coaching Accreditation.
  •  Accredited Specialist in Martial Arts Conditioning international sports science association.
  •  3 Black Belts in Different Styles of Martial Arts (Bukido Kai, Zen Chi Ryu, Excel Self Defence).
  •   Master Instructor Certified with Martial Arts Australia & International Martial Arts Alliance. 



Motivational courses
  • Diploma in sport psychology. 
  • professional life coach certification.
  • Certificate in Motivational Techniques How to coach your clients to success course
  • High-performance Goal Setting certificate ASC.
  • High-Performance Motivation
  • ASC High-Performance Decisions Certificate 
Business courses
  • Presenter / Facilitator certificate by Active Canberra.
  • Entepreneurship & business life coach certification CDP Accredited.
  • Foundation Diploma social media marketing.
  • Applying the Business model canvas , certificate.
  • Facebook mastery course, certificate
  • Digital marketing course, certificate
  • TAE Qualified Trainer & Assessor
  • Sports & Recreation Management, Certificate of Achievement.


Strength & Conditioning
  • Network Elite Strength Coach certificate
  • Certified Applied Strongman Trainer
  • Battle rope trainer certificate.
Personal Training
  • Certified Certificate III Gym Instructor
  • Certified Certificate IV Personal Trainer


He is head trainer of Blue Cattle Dog Boxing and has developed elite athletes through personal training, including many state and national amateur Australian boxing champions who have featured in bouts on Foxtel pay TV.  In addition to his boxing champions, Garry has trained a state black belt martial arts champion.

Garry Wasson 

Garry Wasson 

Garry Wasson